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2022-2023 Spring Semester
Urban Design
Bursa, Türkiye

situation trender-min.png

Green City: To revitalize the "Green Bursa" image of the city, "green corridors" should be designed and new green areas should be designed within dense construction.

Connection Corridors: Intensive construction in the region has created many "impermeable areas and borders". "Corridors and capillaries" should be created to provide passage from the "main spine" into the neighborhood. "Strategic connections" between the focal points and an "integrated city" approach should be adopted.

Mixed Usage: Balanced development should be supported. Business, residential and commercial areas should continue their existence in "harmony" by "feeding" each other.

Urban Texture: The urban texture should be analyzed and reconsidered as a "living city" and almost like an "organism" and designed in "harmony".

User Focus: Cities exist for “people” and “live with them”. The user should be considered in transportation to the area, and the roads should be redesigned by giving importance not only to vehicles but also to "pedestrian and bicycle" paths.

Doku Analizi
Ulaşım Analizi
UNESCO Miras Listesi Analizi
Odak Noktaları Analizi
Çevre ve Yeeşil Alan Analizi
Çevre Projeler Analizi
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